What is Dating Intentionally?

This is an innovative 6-week workshop designed to revamp your dating life. The goal is to help you turn your dating life into one that is more intentional and reflective of your long term relationship goals.

This is done by helping you:

  • Define your dating purpose.

  • Establish healthy and realistic dating goals for your current lifestyle and future.

  • Change your dating patterns to a pattern that is healthy and productive.

  • Evaluate your “List”.

  • Discover your “relationship values”.

  • Design relationship goals that reflect your expectations.



There is no monetary cost right now. There is a contractual exchange of group participation for completing a survey and providing a video testimonial of your experience.

Dating Intentionally

Dating with a clear and deliberate purpose.

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What Can you EXPECT to gain from This workshop

  • You will revitalize your dating life.

  • You will know how to date with clear purpose and intentionality.

  • You will be more self-aware of how your dating patterns influence your dating.

  • You will be more empowered and confident about how you date!


More details about the workshop.

In a private Facebook group, there will be 5-6 vetted group members. All members will meet specific criteria, designed to enhance the group's experience. Every week there will be a specific topic covered.

Groups members will experience:

  • One 30-minute one-on-one private consulting session with me to access your current relationship goals.

  • A weekly 30-minute live video group session, discussing the topic of the week.

  • A weekly worksheet created to help with self-reflection and self-awareness.

  • A daily discussion question intended to help group members support one another through this eye-opening journey.



  • Upon registration you will receive notification about scheduling.