Meet LaTrease L. Nwosu


I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Wayne State University (Detroit, MI) and a Masters of Arts in Couple and Family Therapy from the University of Colorado, Denver. I recognize the importance of working with a skilled and knowledgeable relationship specialist while sharing your most intimate experiences. That is why I believe it to be a privilege and honor to share such sacred space with you. To respect you and your experiences, I insist on providing you with quality services. The high caliber of services are ensured by my extensive relational experience. 

My goal as your Relationship Specialist is to provide you with empathetic, caring, and well-informed support for all of your relationships.

Why Relationships?


There is nothing more fulfilling than connection. It drives us through our journey of life. Connection is feeling emotionally comfortable and secure with yourself and the people around you. I want to help bring this experience of comfort and security to others.