Building Connection in Relationships

Connecting 2 Love is a place where I help those that desire healthy relationships build them. You can schedule relationship consulting appointments and read an informative blog about building connection in relationships. This is a place to gain knowledge about interpersonal growth, intimate partner support, and breakup/divorce empowerment. No matter what type of relationship you're in, Connecting 2 Love can provide the support you're looking for. 


About Me

My goal is to help people build healthy connection in their relationships. I am motivated by the impact connection and love have on our lives. Connecting to others and loving them is the purpose of human existence. Our joy decreases when we lack healthy relationships. Life’s challenges stem from unhealthy interactions, which is also know as disconnections, with our inner-self and loved ones. I have dedicated my time to supporting people in finding ways to healthy lasting relationships through enhancing self-awareness and understanding love.


How can I help you?


Any person wanting to prepare for healthy relationships or recover from unhealthy ones. We focus on emotional, behavioral, and relationship patterns and how they impact your relationship experiences.

Any couple in a partnership that feels empty and has the desire to restore connection, or build onto the current connection in their relationship.

A variety of workshops designed for those that aren't ready to take a leap into one-on-one relationship consulting. 

Event organizers interested in me sharing my knowledge about healthy relationships.