Being in connected lasting and healthy relationships starts from within. The way you connect to others has been molded and reshaped by your journey in life. In some environments your connection abilities work effectively and in some they show up in the form of disconnection, miscommunication, confusion, and hurt. Whether you are looking for a partner or looking to gain insight, I am here to support. Individual relationship consulting is about self-awareness, self-growth, and self-love. The goal is to foster a space for enlightenment of your connections needs and acceptance of your emotional experiences.  

Some of common topics addressed in individual consults are: 

  • Developing more effective emotional communication style.

  • Reshaping self-acceptance.

  • Gaining self-awareness of emotional experiences.

  • Healing from a break-up and re-entering the dating scene.

  • Redefining what you need to create relationships filled with understanding, reciprocity, and connection.



No relationship is perfect. Creating, maintaining and sustaining a lasting and connected relationship can be a challenging task. It becomes even more challenging when the skills to effectively connect with your partner are not fully available. This is where disconnections, miscommunications, and disagreements are created. Strengthening your connection in your relationship can be rewarding and exciting, and at times a bit uncertain. Working with me as your relationship consultant we will develop a plan to help rebuild your connection and ease the uncertainty. This will be done by collaboratively creating a plan that will address the specific disconnections in your relationship.  I will create a space for you and your partner to open up emotionally to rebuild and reconnect. 

The key to being in a lasting relationship is in the ability to sustain connection which empowers you and your partner's ability to communicate clearer and resolve relationship problems. My goal is to help you have confidence in knowing that you have the keys.