Professional Relationship Consulting

Are you struggling to maintain positive lasting relationships? Have you felt like you've given your all to others, only to feel like no one is there for you? Do you feel like your intimate relationship is losing its zeal? If you have said 'yes' to any of these schedule a consult with me today. 

Consults are for individuals or couples at any stage of their relationship life.

  • Single and searching for self

  • "Ready for Love"

  • In a partnership that feels empty

  • Wanting to sustain connection in current relationship

  • Healing from a broken heart


I offer a variety of workshops for those that aren't ready to take a leap into one-on-one relationship consulting. These workshops are just as impactful as meeting with me. They are formatted to be educational, interactive, and enlightening with the hopes to give you knowledge in developing self-awareness needed in building connection. Each workshop is geared towards a specific relationship phase of life to fit your relational needs. 

Speaking Engagement

Are you hosting an event that requires the knowledge and perspective of a relationship specialist? Are you a founder of an organization that caters to building connection? Contact me today.